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This eyebolt and nut set for fender-mounting contains 8 stainless eyebolts, 8 stainless nuts, and 8 plastic stay endcaps. This hardware set is used for mounting Chromoplastic Longboards, Bluemels, and Commuter II Fenders.
Front and Rear SKS V-Brace Fender Stay Set with Drawbolts
Stay Kit for Bluemels 26"/28" Fenders includes 4 V-Stays with ASR Safety Release for Front + Eyebolt and Nut Set. Made in Germany. 11897-Set for Bluemels 26"/28" with Black Stays & Hardware (for 11805, 11806, 11807, 11811, 11815, 11819 and 11823) 11898-Set for Bluemels 26"/28" with Silver Stays & Hardware (for 11808, 11812, 11816, 11820 and 11824)
Cannondale Headshok Adaptor for the SKS Shockboard Fender
Stay Kit for Bluemels STYLE Fenders includes 4 black powder-coated U-Stays + ESC V-Adapter Strut Mount Set (11892). Made in Germany. 11905-Set for Bluemels STYLE 46mm Width Profile (item 11832) 11909-Set for Bluemels STYLE 56mm Width Profile (item 11835) 11913-Set for Bluemels STYLE 65mm Width Profile (item 11838) 11915-Set for Bluemels STYLE 75mm Width Profile (item 11841)
Replacement SKS Rubber Straps for RacebladePro and S-Board
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