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Salsa Warbird

Tame the toughest terrain with the Salsa Warbird

Achieving gravel greatness takes hard work and tenacity— and a gravel race bike that rewards your every pedal stroke. The Salsa Warbird was the industry’s first gravel race bike, inspired by years of experience riding the world’s most challenging gravel races. It's designed and built to provide control, comfort, and speed when the going gets rough.

Gravel Race Geometry

A stable wheelbase, long top tube, and short stem create a riding position that’s comfortable over long distances.

Class 5™ Vibration Reduction System (VRS)

Thoughtfully designed and custom-shaped seatstays and chainstays provide passive suspension while soaking up the micro impacts of rough terrain.

700c or 650b wheel compatibility

Warbird fits up to 700c x 45 mm or 650b x 2.0" tires and features the ability to switch between wheel sizes based on your needs.

Carrying capacity

Three-Pack mounts on the fork, an accessory mount on the bottom of the down tube, and a top tube bag mount expand your capacity for water, food, and equipment.

Test Ride a Warbird Today

You can’t change gravel riding—it’ll always be guts, gritted teeth, and (relatively little) glory—but you can change the way gravel riding feels.

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