1: April 6 Ride Report

Twenty-one riders enjoyed perfect weather and a great ride down and back on the Towpath for the first Intro to Gravel Ride. One near miss of a suicidal squirrel is all I have to report. Greg, Chris, and I took off from Waterville to attend the Winter Warrior finale. Along the way we ran into John and Alan and had a short rendezvous with the Meanderers in Whitehouse. Great day to ride!The next Intro to Gravel ride leaves from Pacesetter on 4/20 at 9am. However, if you are up for a serious challenge, the Summer of Stupid opening day is riding Poto and DTE, same day, same time. Either way, you'll get a little dirty, and dirt is good.     ~Nate

2019 Introduction to Gravel Series

Toledo Area Bicyclists, Nate Burks

Sat. April 6—Sat. October 5, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Gravel Series. If you are an experienced gravel rider, read to the end for pre-ride and bonus ride information. If you are new to gravel, this series is designed to take you from short and flat to long and hilly over the course of ten rides. These are "no rider left behind" rides with frequent regrouping.

There are many advantages to riding roads less traveled. Riding gravel is a great way to increase leg strength and endurance. You are guaranteed to see fewer cars. We will encounter roads with varying terrain, hills, the occasional closed road or bridge, and sometimes dogs and livestock. You will never be bored.

What to bring:

  • A positive attitude. There will be times when we are suffering. Suffering ain't so bad when in the right mindset.
  • Helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Gravel bike with 30mm+ tires, 29er, or fatbike. Road bikes are not suitable for these roads.
  • Bike computer with the current week's route loaded
  • Snacks, gels, or other nutrition
  • Water, at least two bottles or a hydration pack for longer routes
  • Lights: rear blinky required, front suggested for fog and rain
  • Tools, flat repair kit
  • Headlight and/or helmet light for rides that begin before sun-up or will last after sun down
  • Change of clothes for after the ride (in case things get messy)

Find the the routes and dates below. All rides depart at 9am.

If you are an experienced gravel rider or have a high level of fitness and fortitude, there will be a preride departing at 7am for rides in April through August. This will get you ready for the next level, the bonus rides in September and October. The bonus rides are much more difficult, both in distance and terrain. There are steep, long climbs and equally steep descents that will challenge your bike handling abilities. We will encounter all forms of gravel, from the smooth packed stuff from Michigan to the chunky and sometimes loose gravel around Mohican.

Visit the Ride with GPS site for route details.. All pre-rides depart at 7am.


04/06/2019 Waterville Towpath
18.5 miles+235 ft
04/20/2019 Pacesetter
21.5 miles+80 ft
05/04/2019 7am Pre-Ride Original Gravity 23
22.9 miles+131 ft
05/04/2019 Original Gravity 27
27.8 miles+195 ft
05/18/2019 7am Pre-ride: Wauseon Warmup
19.1 miles+323 ft
05/18/2019 Wauseon Warmup
29.5 miles+287 ft
06/01/2019 7am Pre-ride: OG 22
22.0 miles+167 ft
06/01/2019 Original Gravity 37
36.9 miles+820 ft
06/29/2019 7am Pre-ride Pacesetter
21.5 miles+80 ft
06/29/2019 Pacesetter Blissfield
40.3 miles+198 ft
07/13/2019 7am Pre-ride: Waterloo hills
20.2 miles+837 ft
07/13/2019 Chelsea Waterloo 36
35.9 miles+1046 ft
07/27/2019 7am Pre-ride: Forest View
22.1 miles+188 ft
07/27/2019 Forest View Lanes
48.8 miles+331 ft
08/10/2019 MARR 32 (DJB) (copy)
31.9 miles+393 ft
08/17/2019 7am Pre-ride: Tecumseh
20.1 miles+326 ft
08/17/2019 Tecumseh Brewing
41.0 miles+1217 ft
08/31/2019 7am Pre-ride: Waterloo 2
20.5 miles+495 ft
08/31/2019 Chelsea Waterloo 51
51.2 miles+1993 ft
09/07/2019 Bonus 1: 70MilesAGravel
71.6 miles+2160 ft
09/21/2019 Bonus 2: SLAFALA
80.6 miles+3500 ft
09/28/2019 Bonus 3: Morenci Gravel 100
103.3 miles+2328 ft
10/05/2019 Bonus 4: Loudonville ExGravelGanza
71.0 miles+6579 ft