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Find Your Bike

What kind of riding do you plan to do? Take a look over these descriptions to find out which type of bicycle is right for you.

mountain biking toledo

Mountain Bike

Whether you want to fly uphill with ease and efficiency, rip downhill terrain with speed and style, or all of the above—we’ve designed and engineered our mountain bikes to give you the best performing machine for the way you ride. From the ultra-lightweight hardtails to world-championship-proven FSR suspension designs, you’ll find the ideal setup for your riding style.

road biking toledo ohio

Road Bikes

No matter what you crave—the full-tilt sprint for the line, epic weekend miles with the crew, barrier-hopping in the wet, or quality track time—the right bike for your ride is waiting for you. Built for any road you put them on, just find a bike, open the throttle on your legs and ride.

womens road bikes toledo

Women's Road Bikes

For some, roads always lead to adventures in the mountains, or long rides on back roads. For others, it’s throwing down against rivals in spirited bursts of speed to test limits in thrilling competition. Whatever you seek from your road rides; our women’s bikes are designed specifically to meet your needs. From your very first road bike, to the race machine you’ve always dreamed of, these bikes are tuned to let you fly, your way.

mens hybrid bikes toledo

MultiUse Bikes

Whether you need a bike for around the campsite or around town, we've got the solution for you. From recreation and urban exploration to rolling on dirt, our multi-use bikes deliver on their name.

womens hybrid bikes Toledo

Women's MultiUse Bikes

Whether it’s commuting to yoga, exploring local trails, or riding around the city there’s a bike for you. Specifically designed with women’s anatomy in mind, our multi-use bikes keep you comfortable and confident for wherever the road, or trail, takes you.

BMX dirt bikes Toledo

BMX Dirt Bikes

From pump tracks to skateparks, our P.Series bikes are built to go big with style. Perfect for dirt jumps or riding street, they are designed for everyone from BMXers to mountain bike dirt jumpers to Slopestyle contenders. The P.Series is designed from the ground up to give riders the perfect bike to match their style, just ask X Games gold medalist Danny Dhers about his P.20, or Slopestyle icon Martin Söderström about his dialed P.Slope.

kids bikes toledo ohio

Kids Bikes

Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment your first bike provided? These days, kids can get rolling at an early age, from toddler-friendly walk bikes to coaster brake-equipped 20-inch models ideal for neighborhood adventures—featuring the quality and value parents appreciate.

comfort bikes toledo

Comfort Bikes

Time for a cruise! If you are not in for speed or adventure, but prefer sightseeing and touring, our selection of comfort bikes offers you the best options for a smooth ride.

specialized ebikes toledo


If you are commuter, the sleek new electric bikes are a great solution to get around!